​Benefits of the UAE Golden Visa


Be your own sponsor with a UAE Golden Visa, no job or business or Local Sponsor required.

10-Year Validity

Enjoy hassle-free residency with a 10-year UAE Golden Visa.

No Minimum Stay

While Most Investment based Visa schemes require a Compulsory-Minimum period of stay in the country, it is Not Mandatory in UAE!

Six-Month Entry Permit

You have up to six months to sort out your application with a multiple-entry permit.

Family Included

Sponsor family members' visas with No need for Extra investment.

Access to Loans

Open bank accounts, apply for credit cards, and get loans with competitive interest rates.

Setup Business

Setup a new Business in a few days, make use of UAE's Central location and International Connectivity to expand your Business.


 Enjoy your life to the fullest, NO TAX on Personal Income, Residential Property Income and on Capital Gains!

Requirements of the UAE Golden Visa

Invest a minimum amount of AED 2,000,000 or ₹ 4.5 Cr in properties (ready or off-plan) in the UAE.

Property investment can be single or multiple, total value should be above AED 2,000,000.

Previously, full payment for ready properties and AED 1,000,000 for off-plan properties was required.

As of Jan 2024, minimum payment of AED 1,000,000 is Not Required for Golden Visa applications.

Simply pay the property Booking deposit and apply for the Golden Visa.

Example: With a 5% booking deposit on a AED 2,000,000 property, invest as low as AED 100,000 and apply for Visa.

Live like the Royals, live in the City of Millionaires!

Be eligible for a UAE Golden Visa once you purchase a property in UAE worth AED 2 Million and above

Property Suggestions

Check out the below option of properties that we believe you may like, some are Ready to Move in, some will start giving you Rental income right away, some are Off Plan and it will take few years for the Completion but has a good potential for Capital Growth. We have only considered some of the Top Developers of Dubai for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the UAE Golden Visa?

The UAE Golden visa offers the holder a Residence of 10 years inside the UAE, without the need to have a Local, Job or Business sponsor your visa. The Emirates ID(National ID card) will also be valid for 10 years. You will be eligible to apply for a UAE Golden Visa by purchasing a property valued at AED 2,000,000/  4.5 Cr.
You can apply for jobs or setup your own business/branch. Open a bank account, apply for loans, mortgage or Credit cards.

Is there any Mandatory stay period that I have to spend inside the UAE?

Unlike most Residence/ Golden visa programs, the UAE Golden Visa doesn't require you to spend any 'Minimum' number of Days within the UAE. You can visit UAE, leave or stay outside the UAE as many days as you like 

Can Indians buy property in Dubai?

Indians can definitely buy Freehold properties in Dubai and in any Freehold areas of the UAE. In fact, in 2023 Indians topped the list of Buyers who purchased properties in the Dubai and have been in the Top spots almost every year!

Do I have to pay the full Investment amount of ₹ 4.5 Cr for the Golden Visa?

It was the case before, and for Off plan properties one had to pay a minimum amount of 2.2 Cr. But as of January 2024, the UAE Government has made a change and has allowed Property Buyers to apply for the Golden visa right after booking the property, this involves paying the Booking Amount as per payment plan and signing the Sales and Purchase Agreement.

Is it required to invest 4.5 Cr per family member?

No, you only need to invest a minimum amount equivalent to ₹ 4.5 Cr. Once you are eligible, you can apply for your Golden visa and you can then sponsor the visas for your family members. Each having 10 years.

What is Off Plan Property and do I need to be present in person to buy Dubai Property?

Off Plan property is a Brand new property that has just been Launched/Announced by the Property developer, usually takes 3 years to complete and because of the comparatively lower price point at launch, it offers massive scope for future price growth and one can make the payments in installments.
Yes, you can buy Dubai property from India. You are most welcome to come here but in case you can't make it, you can still do it online. In fact many properties are purchased in this manner especially from Buyers in India, UK and Russia. Just make sure it's a reliable developer.

What is the Property Purchase procedure and what services do you offer?

Once we have identified the property that you like, you send us your Passport copy for the Booking. We email you the Booking form which you need to sign and send by email. We'll then send you the Property Developer/Builder's Bank account details so that you can Bank transfer a small token amount to them. If they receive it, you can proceed to transfer the whole Booking amount as per your Payment plan+ 4% of the Sale price for Dubai Land Department Registration(similar to Stamp Duty in India). You can also make payments in Crypto or ask someone to pay in Cash/Card on your behalf.
Once the Developer receives the amount, they block the property under your name, send you the Sale & Purchase Agreement(SPA), you will need to sign and send it back. Finally, the Developer will send you a counter signed+stamped SPA that will be your proof of ownership. Done, Property is yours!

Do you provide any After Sales services? Is it charged or complimentary?

First of all, we Do Not Charge you any Commission and we are selling you the properties directly from the Developer, at the same price. So, if you purchase a property through us, we provide you with our VIP After Sales Service called GAPA(check below image for full information), absolutely Free for 5 years!

You Choose ANY Developer, 
You Choose ANY Property. 

Just make sure that you mention our agency name on the Developer's Booking form and share a copy of the same along with your SPA copy once it is ready.

Gingy Special Offer

Gingy After Purchase Assurance